The changing media landscape has opened up opportunities to realise significant value from media assets such as unique film titles. In an era where ‘niche’ is now the new ‘mass’, consumer societies are more about exploring a broader than assumed taste.

Traditionally In the film and movie industry, mass used to equal ‘HIT. This had a lot to do with the perception that if something sold well, it must certainly be good – mass popularity was based on what was available. As consumers are now not only comfortable wandering further from the beaten path, but the beaten path being easier to leave (courtesy of the internet and high speed broadband), they discover their taste may not be as mainstream as once thought and that ‘good· or ‘bad’ can now be truly governed by the absolute laws of nature. More importantly, there Is far greater availability regardless of taste or medium.

MUI Corporation Limited (ASX:MUI) is committed to expand its current library of unique movie titles and establish a foothold in emerging markets that will exploit this ‘long tail’ of film and movie distribution. With the transparency of supply, prices, recommendations and opinions and millions of online consumers, we are able match the Immensely segmented supply of film and movie titles with the an equally fragmented demand more efficiently. We intend to do this by broadening our current library of titles with existing films from current film titleholders, entering into licensing agreements with film producers to acquire limited rights over new titles as well as commissioning new film and movie projects via co-operative agreements with film producers.

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